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Match Footballs

Here at Discount Football Kits, we have a huge variety of high-quality match balls including giant brands such as Nike, Mitre and adidas. All of our match balls provide a consistent level of performance, timeless design and enhanced durability so that you can enjoy some memorable football sessions. With the importance of the different types of footballs becoming a more and more needed aspect of today’s game, you want yourself and your club to be practicing and playing with the latest and best match balls that are made to the highest footballing standards and are durable to play through the contrasting conditions grass roots football has to offer. When match day comes around you want to know that the ball you'll be using is the very best, made to the highest standards. That's why we stock a vast variety of match footballs by three of the most respected names in the sporting sphere: Nike, adidas and Mitre.

Match footballs, in particular, withhold excellent shape retention and durability to cope with the contrasting conditions grassroots football comes across so that you no longer need to worry about the ball stature and focus more on personal performances. Specifically manufactured from polyurethane rubber, polyester and EVA, our match footballs are suitable for all levels of the game ranging from training, match day and even professional games. At the lowest prices, greatest savings and best quality, our match footballs are simply not to be missed out on.  Read More